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A simple wardrobe system. Abstract character and expression. Rail provides a sculptural experience even if it is not in use. Rail is powder coated steel and comes in a flat package. The system is easy to install.

In honor of the Memphis Group

founding on

December 11, 1980

Memphis Love

Memphis Love

€ 125,00Price

The design movement Memphis was born on the evening of December 11, 1980 when Ettore Sottsass invited a group of young designers and architects to discuss the future of design. During that first meeting, Bob Dylan's record "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again" repeated continuously, and inspired the group to name themselves Memphis.

We design interior products that aim to be mankinds best friend.

It is our philosophy that our products will create joy and experiences, as well as help you to make your home inviting and stylish. Our thinking is that we will give you the opportunity to express yourself through interior design, thus making your home unique and personal.

We do not limit ourselves to trends, styles or other forms of influence. Our way of thinking is that good design is not a status symbol but an expression of courage to choose what makes you and your home unique.

Our great source of inspiration and role model comes from the Memphis style founded in Milan on December 11, 1980


”Our design philosophy is to create interior that reduces the gap between art and design”

Garden Art

A garden mirror that creates a beautiful experience when the wind makes it turn around.

Acrylic mirror for garden decoration. The mirror reflects the surroundings and the wind causes it to rotate. The mirror is made of a 6 mm acrylic with mirror on both sides. It is easy to hang and includes 2 steel wires, 4 wire locks and a peg for attachment to the ground.

For many years, mirrors have been used in traditional garden decoration in Great Britain. We have followed up on this tradition and added a dispute of art and decoration.

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